Welcome to my closet!

This blog is not so much a fashion blog, however, I really like style and design, and I have always loved playing around with different outfits, and since I am educated in the textilebusiness, it makes a lot of sense to have a section about that. From time to time people show a lot of interest in the things I wear, and funny enough I can’t count the times I have been called fashionista or label-animal, even though the things I buy often is from either secondhand shops, vintage shops or something that I really gave a lot of thought before buying. Sometimes I just find funny stuff and printed t-shirts, that just make the everyday life a little happier.

Of course you also get an insight in my thoughts about slowfashion, sustainable brands and eco-friendly or organic clothing.

If you are not so much into my style, I am sure you can always get a good laugh of my hopeless selfies and not-cool poses. Enjoy!

To see where i get my inspiration from, go check my Pinterest-board Beauty vs. Beast: Style